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Sarfaraz A. Hanfi

I currently work @ Express News, viagra 100mg where we work with Tribune News Website, order Tribune Classifieds. In the past, ampoule I worked for the LBS designing wonderful experiences for all manner of clients and people across the world. Making pretty things is a philosophy that you can apply to all the fields in your life, I’ve been doing it professionally since 2000, when I discovered the fascinating, sometimes fierce, but overall captivating, design world.


The idea behind the design underlines our passion for the mission we have embarked on here in Sunderland. “To make websites better”. We believe that our clients deserve beautiful, accessible websites and that quality should never be compromised.

Enforcing this ethos throughout the site is our ‘Redup Rocket’, a symbol of the mission and visually, a strong vocal point in the layout. Check out the 404 & 403 pages for more redup rocket! To compliment the design a strong use of illustration, typography and white space helps further substantiates our mission to make the web a better place.

Attitude Graphic Design Portfolio

The old one was going stale like that pot in the fridge you have been meaning to clear out for a while. The new one is fresh and tasty with a new revamped home page, generic journal/blog and portfolio layout. Ladies and gents welcome to the 6th version of the Attitude Design website!

What’s the concept behind the flowery paper and picture frames? We believe our team is like a family at Attitude Design and so our website and brand style reflects a large stately family home which we invite you to come into, generic sit down, have a chat and relax. Friendly, good quality service is what we are all about. We treat our clients like family friends and their work like pieces of art.