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WP Remix – WordPress powered master theme Review


The WP Remix is among the most innovative themes that allow web designers to design web pages with a single click friendly interface that can be imported and modified in a visual editor. Simply, and it is the only theme package on the internet which utilizes the WYSIWYG compatibility to easily change or modify any template, directly in the visual editor. Actually, it is a total package that was rarely offered in the past. Now, web designers can easily manipulate more than 50 web templates without ever loosing the advance functionality that is integrated in each template.

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WOO themes – Fresh Folio WordPress theme review

WordPress is certainly the choice for professional template-based web design. Realizing that WordPress users tend to be web-savvy and professional, the people at WOO Themes have produced the new Fresh Folio theme in an effort to meet their needs. This premium, portfolio style theme is geared towards visually intense blogs with an emphasis on maximizing image support and ensuring that it blends well with the text. It’s optimized to support portfolios and other demonstrations of high-quality work. Fresh Folio is certainly the theme of choice for anyone looking to put their best foot forward to potential customers, employers, or simply the average internet user.

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